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Whitney Taylor
September 27, 2019

The london Restaurant Show

The Rockless Team is Headed Across the Pond!

Rockless Table is attending the The Restaurant Show in London from September 30th through October 1st. Come see the revolutionary table that’s taking the American hospitality industry by storm!

The Rockless Table base uses smart, uncomplicated hydraulic-free technology to automatically adjust and stabilize to any surface. The use of a Rockless Table base permanently solves one of the restaurant industry's biggest complaints - wobbly tables!  If you’d like a personal demonstration of the Rockless Table while you are at The Restaurant Show, call Nick at +1 (310) 403-8738 to set up a personal demonstration.

Follow the Rockless Revolution on Facebook and Instagram @RocklessTable.

About rockless table

Rockless Table is the last table base any owner will ever buy. The bases are customizable and available in bar, counter, and dining heights. Every base automatically adjusts to almost any surface with no maintenance required. With a simple yet innovative patented pendulum technology, Rockless Table eliminates one of the hospitality industry’s largest complaints – wobbly tables – in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

simple. effective. stable.